Who We Are


Our core business is concentrated in Knauf dry construction systems and application with gypsum plates in ceilings D11, in partition walls with metallic construction W11, in processing with gypsum plates and plastering with dry plaster W611 and metallic construction W623, in decorative ceilings D19 according to the project , etc…All the systems applied from our Company have Knauf products in them, which means that all the materials and accessories are produced and certified from Knauf Gips karton sh.p.k has grown strongly over the years, achieving great success and currently covers almost 45% of dry construction systems in Albania


Our Company is equipped with qualified personnel form Knauf itself, great and flexible logistics and means to cover and be responsive in all our projects demanding high quality and tight deadlines. We keep full warranty for all the aspects of the work done by our Company offering warranties held from the works completed.


“Gips Karton” sh.p.k was created in 1995, with the aim to trade, and develop dry construction systems, mainly of German company Knauf Ges m.b.H for indoor and outdoor applications.